Sunday, November 22, 2009

Energy Efficiency isn't just for Home Owners

One of the larger expenses in the world of agriculture for our part of the country is electricity. Electricity is used to power the pumps that provide water for the crops. Often times we drive down the road and see these large wheel lines or pivot irrigation systems watering crops. As these systems age they often leak, these leaks are a waste of water/energy. Here is a quick video that an Eastern Oregon utility has posted. It explains some of the rebate programs that are available to farmers for improvements on their irrigation systems.

There is a real science to a modern irrigation system to water a crop. New systems use integrated management that are very efficient compared to the older manual operated systems. Not only are farmers trying to save water or energy, but there are several other items such as soil erosion and wasted fertilizer that calculated into the design of modern irrigation systems.

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