Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fast...Easy Green Tips for Everyday Live on a Butget

If the current economy has you thinking you don't have the time or money to reduce your impact on the environment, think again -- you might be surprised to know that living a greener lifestyle can actually put money back in your pocket. It’s a matter of figuring out what works best for you and making simple changes that often require little or no time or investment.

To shave your budget and also do your part for the environment, consider these easy environmentally preferable, money-saving tips.

Make Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store

Frequent shopping trips add up, and not just in the cost of what you’ll spend at the store. Minimize trips to the supermarket by creating a weekly meal plan and taking note of the ingredients you’ll need to pick up. Take advantage of off-peak shopping hours that offer better in-store sales, utilize your coupons and stock up on frequently-purchased pantry items and dry-goods. And always be sure to review the contents of your pantry and freezer before heading to the store – it can save you money and repeat trips.

Pick Up Environmentally Preferable Entertaining Supplies

When entertaining, consider convenient and energy-effective alternatives. The average dishwasher uses six gallons of water per cycle, so when hosting parties, pick up environmentally preferable tableware such as Bare by Solo cups and plates. Bare products are made with recycled plastic or annually renewable resources like bamboo, sugarcane or corn. You will have fewer dishes to wash and use less water – and enjoy more time with your guests.

Reduce Your Electricity Usage

Shut your computer down when not in use to cut down wear and tear on your hard drive and save on energy costs. The Department of Energy recommends shutting off your monitor if you aren't going to use it for more than 20 minutes, and the whole system if you're not going to use it for more than two hours. Doing so can save you an average of $90 of electricity a year.

Opt for a Paperless Billing Option

Save natural resources by opting for online bill-paying options. Going paperless will save trees, save you money spent on stamps and eliminate the energy needed to mail and process billing envelopes.

Cut Back on Your Water Waste

Take low-flow short showers and try to keep the temperature at a lukewarm setting for the last few minutes while you rinse. The change in temperature will help prepare you for the drop in temperature as you step out of the bath and save on the cost of heating. Apply that same idea when washing your clothes. Avoiding the hot cycle will save on water heating costs and extend your wardrobe’s useful life.

Taking a few minutes to make simple adjustments can lead to more savings for you as well as for the planet. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to do your part on any budget.

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