Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carbon Free Diet.....New Rage...

I can't believe I missed this...I was sitting in the Doctor's Office this past week and looked at the magazine rack. The March issue of National Geographic talked about energy conservation and how we are on a "Carbon Diet". Did you know that the average american is 40% more efficient than we were in during the 1970's energy crisis, this is a huge acheivment.

I was very impressed with this article. I have been performing energy audits and Infrared Scans in our area for nearly 2 years. Normally people are a little skeptical of our service when we arrive, then after we show them and explain how we can help them they are very thankful and glad we were able to help them out. The thermal imaging camera is a great tool to help identify areas of air & moisture intrusion, locate missing insulation, and find other energy robbing conditions. We can show them a picture of the problem, Infrared Thermal Imaging is a unique way to visually see these energy saving opertunities.

Here is the link to the online version of the March National Geographic "Energy Conservation -- It Starts At Home". Enjoy

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