Saturday, January 3, 2009

Premier Inspection's Home TuneUp Program

We offer a home tune up program that is much more in depth than the "Weatherization Program" audit offered by many local utilities. Our Home TuneUp program evaluates the entire home, all the appliances, the shading and direction of the house on the lot, type of construction, ect. With our program is also doesn't matter the source of heating a home; we can evaluate most any heat source (Oil, Wood, Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, even Corn) and offer recommendations. There are only three companies in the state of Oregon that Offer this program, and we are one of them.

The average home over 15 years old can save around 25% of their utility bill with some simple improvements. Often times there are a handful of items that can be completed that will have a payback in less than 1 year. One of the common items to replace is the windows, did you know that it can sometimes take more than 30 years to save enough energy to payback the cost of the windows?? With our program we can help with some basic cost estimates and show your return on investment through energy savings.

In addition to the Home TuneUp program we can also do a Thermal Scan of the home with our Infrared Camera. This will easily identify the areas of heat loss, missing insulation, and air intrusion.

The cost of a Home Tuneup is between $250 and $350, if you want to add the Thermal Scan it's an additional $100. With the combination of these program you will be on the way of saving energy and having a more comfortable home. As the experts say, "It's well worth the investment". The idea behind the program is to get the savings in energy to pay for the investment, even if you have to finance the improvements.

Check out for more information. We will also be posting more information on thermal imaging in the near future.

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