Saturday, January 3, 2009

How To Recycle CFL's Light Bulbs

Ok, so the new trend is to use the newer style CFL Bulb (Compact Florescent Light). Energy Star has a program called "Change a Light, Change the World", this encourages consumers to replace their older incandescents with CFL's. They claim if each home in the US changed just one bulb, it would save $600 million a year in energy cost. On average, about 20% of a home's energy bill is for lighting.

Well this is all good, but the downside is each of these CFL's contain about 4 milligrams of mercury. The EPA actually has a procedure for cleanup if the light gets broken.

So do we just throw these lights in the landfill when we are done with them?? No, they should be recycled. The easiest way to recycle these CFL's is to take them to your local Home Depot. Every Home Depot store in the US has a program to recycle these bulbs. Here is a information bulletin from Home Depot describing the program

Home Depot started this program in June of 2008. The bulb can't be broken or damaged and must be in a plastic bag. Good Job Home Depot for helping protect the environment!!

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